RAS Project Planning Stage

  1. Fist consideration should be the target market demand and price. Upon which you would be able to set your production objectives, and investigate the financial feasibility of your RAS project.
  2. Secondly, We would like to suggest you to study the availability of fingerlings and feeds supply.
  3. Thirdly, comparing with omnivorous species, herbivorous species with relatively lower feeds cost. And hardy species (like catfishes, tilapia…) can tolerate unfavorable conditions.
  4. The last important consideration could be successful RAS practice, especially when you are still a newcomer in RAS industry, choose one fish species with successful practice elsewhere is very important to minimize the trial & error cost.
  1. For freshwater species, underground water and lake / river water sources all could be the options. Normally underground water is more consistent and therefor preferable if the alter quality is good.
  2. We would suggest to test available water sources to determine which one is good and how to set up in-take water treatment measures.
  3. For marine water species, besides the available seawater, could also use artificial sea salt to modulate the water.
  1. Fishes from RAS is normally has higher cost than fishes from outdoor ponds for the high investments and operation costs (energy consumption).
  2. We support customer on RAS projects financial investigations based on: a- target market fish price, b- fingerling unit cost, c- feeds cost, d- others for land and facility cost, energy cost, and labor cost.

RAS Project Proposal and Costing Determination Stage

Payment Terms & Commercial Conditions

RAS Project Set-up & Qualification

RAS Project Operations

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