2020 Tilapia RAS Project in Yunnan, China

Customer: Fishery

Location: Xi shuang banna City,  Yunnan Province, China

Enquiry Received: 12th January 2020

Order Placed: 13th March 2020

Order Dispatched: 24th May 2020

Implementation: 25th July. 2019

Main Equipment Supplied:

  • Rotary drum filter
  • Bio-filtration system
  • Degassing system
  • Protein Skimmer
  • UV Sterilizer
  • Oxygenator
  • Pipes, Pumps, etc.

Customer Enquiry:

A fishery contacted us requiring a tilapia hatchery and grow-out system. Details are as follows:

  • Project area: 2002 square meters
  • RAS system for tilapia hatchery and grow-out system.
  • The water source for breeding is mountain spring water, and the water temperature is colder
  • Including two systems: a tilapia hatchery system and a tilapia growing-out system.
  • The breeding density is high, and aeration is needed


  • Predesigned Layout
  • Inlet water treatment: 2 mechanical physical filtration (micro-filter and sand tank) + 2 sterilization devices (UV and ozone);
  • Inlet water sterilization: UV sterilization strength 60mJ/cm2, specially designed ozone mixing device, ozone concentration 1.2PPM
  • 3 sets of complete RAS systems for tilapia hatchery and growing-out
  • A hatchery system has 48 food-grade blue PP tanks, specially designed hatching system for tilapia sinking eggs
  • To ensures the sterilization effect, UV sterilization system with 40mJ/cm2 intensity are adopted and the mold in water are killed in time.
  • Automatically controls the water temperature to optimize the incubation efficiency and the survival rate of seedling cultivation with a heat pump
  • Specially designed low-pressure oxygenator maintains 6-9PPM of dissolved oxygen in the water and provides the most suitable dissolved oxygen environment for the baby fish.

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