2020 Tilapia RAS Project in Haiti

Project location: Haiti

Fish species: Tilapia

Culturing Cycle Time:120 days from fingerlings to 440-500 grams size for harvesting from 40-50mm fingerlings

RAS Parameters:

  • Tank numbers: 16
  • Tank specifications
    • Diameter: 4.4m,
    • Height: 1.15m
    • Single Tank Volume: 18m3
    • RAS volume: 288m3
    • RAS Water flow: 200m3/hour

Water Quality Parameters:

  • Water temperature: 25-30o C
  • Outlet (minimum) DO: 5 mg/l
  • PH: 6.5-8.0
  • TAN: 0.15PPM
  • Mechanical filtration precision: 58microns

More Information:

  • Electricity supply: single-phase/220V & 3-phase/380V
  • Warranty: 3 years

Project output:

  • 4-Phase grow-out: put fingerlings to 4 tanks for every time, timing pitch = 75days
  • Stock Density (biomass) at harvesting = 100 kg/m3, RAS average biomass 53.8 kg/m3
  • Harvesting size 650 grams, culturing cycle time 150 days from 40-50mm fingerlings
  • Harvest 7.2 tons every 30days, annual outcome 86.4 tons

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