2019 White Shrimp Farming System

Project Location: Guangkou Town, Zhongshan City, China

Species: South American white shrimp

Raw water treatment system (1 set)

  • Main facilities: rotary drum filter, ozone generator, UV sterilizer
  • Capacity: 50 cubic meters per hour,
  • Volume of the storage tank: 56 cubic meters

Shrimp nursery system (1 set)

  • Four shrimp ponds with a diameter of 6 meters.
  • PVC folding tanks is recommended: about 28 cubic meters of water for one tank and 112 cubic meter of water total.
  • Capacity: 40 cubic meters per hour

Shrimp Grow-out system (2 sets):

  • 8 runway shrimp tanks together and 213 cubic meters of water for one tank,
  • 2 separated water treatment systems and one system services 4 runway tanks
  • Stocking density: 8-10 kg / m3
  • System processing capacity: 240 cubic meters per hour

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