RAS offers the advantage that temperature and other variables can be controlled, in order to maximize growth and maintain fish health. Recalculating systems also require much less incoming water, some newer plants require only approx. 1 – 5%, compared to flow through farms, minimizing the discharge to the environment and allowing operations to be established even where water supplies are quite small.

eWater engineering team will design a solution based on customer’s requirements together with our technology and experience. You will get a full picture of RAS solution which contains RAS process, RAS technical info, annual fish outcome, and RAS price.

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eWater’s Best Solution

eWater provide the best system for a particular application based on:

  • Proven commercial production performance

  • Capital cost (feasible within the funds available)

  • Operational cost

  • Reliability

  • Availability of backup and technical advice

  • Durability (useful lifetime of equipment)

  • Ease of associated support activities (maintenance, feeding, grading, harvesting)

  • Suitability for species cultured

  • Technology that fits technical ability

  • Redundancy/backup/unitization so plant can continue to operate if there is an issue with part of it

  • Flexibility to make changes as required without compromising production

  • Expertise and experience of the operator

RAS Water Treatment Processes

Water treatment processes needed in a recalculating aquaculture system. A series of treatment processes is utilized to maintain water quality in intensive fish farming operations. These steps are often done in order or sometimes in tandem. After leaving the vessel holding fish the water is first treated for solids before entering a biofilter to convert ammonia, next degassing and oxygenation occur, often followed by heating/cooling and sterilization. Each of these processes can be completed by using a variety of different methods and equipment, but regardless all must take place to ensure a healthy environment that maximizes fish growth and health.

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