Oxygen column are used to enter and mix an oxygen in the water for the fish. It is used both in closed circuits as well as in the flowing ponds. Water inside the cone provided by circulation pumps is mixed with oxygen supplied from a separate vessel.

Water enters at the top of the column and flows downward. At the same time, oxygen is introduced through a fitting in the column. The downward-flowing water counteracts the buoyancy of the rising oxygen bubbles. The bubbles are kept in suspension, no matter how large or small they are.

Our oxygen column are used for mixing oxygen in the water. Their shape makes the saturation efficiency very high , up to 60%. Water and oxygen enter at the top of the column at relatively high speed. The stream of water pushes the oxygen bubbles down until they completely dissolve.

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  • 1. High saturation efficiency 95%.

  • Safe and durable.

  • Light weight and easy to install.

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